Fue is particularly helpful for those individuals who have active life styles and/or wear their hair short in which even a very good donor closure could still be visible to the naked eye. The small holes that remain are left open to heal, which usually takes a few days. There are a variety of punches used for this procedure, each having its advantages and disadvantages, with new ones continually being developed. As in a follicular unit transplant, grafts are placed into tiny recipient sites on your scalp as a treatment for male pattern baldness. These hair follicle sites are made by the surgeon to fill balding area. However, using natural follicle units for restoration can be difficult.

follicular extraction the press. The advantages of an fue hair Transplant in houston include that there is no linear incision on the back of the head. In addition, the relative discomfort is be greatly diminished.

We are 100 focused on fue, because fue is our specialty. What is Follicular Unit Extraction? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the latest advances in hair restoration. It is a type of hair transplant. For the physician and medical team, this treatment is a meticulous and time consuming process that is difficult to do correctly. Many tools have been developed to assist with the fue hair transplant procedure. The fue approach is not easy and is employed by the best hair transplant doctors in the world. At our houston center, we deploy these tools to assist. To perform fue, various options are currently available. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is also known by other abbreviations: fox, fit, and fum.

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Fue follicular Unit Extraction

State of the art, at the neo hair Institute, we believe using the latest technology can offer not only a better hair transplant experience, but a more beautiful head of thicker, natural-looking hair. Neograft is the hair restoration technique for modern-day men and women looking to restore hair loss or thinning. Neograft is an instrument that is much like an extension of the surgeons hand used during follicular unit extraction (FUE) apotheke procedures, offering accurate results and a beautifully restored appearance. Home » Follicular Unit Extraction (fue contents, what is a follicular Unit? In the scalp, hair follicles grow in natural clusters. These clusters can be as many as 6 hairs in one group. The natural cluster of hairs growing in one group are refereed to as a follicular Unit. Hair graft implants by follicular unit means no more hair plugs, just natural discrete hair units. In our houston hair transplant clinic, these micro implant grafts produce more natural results.

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In no-shave follicular unit extraction, the only hairs trimmed are the donor hairs, leaving all the other hair the same length. The trimmed donor follicles are therefore hidden amidst the remaining full-length hair, and a completely normal appearance post-transplant is achieved. Suitable for both men and women, this technique makes both the process and eventual outcome of a hair transplant undetectable the very next day, as the scalp donor area does not need to be shaved. This is the technique of choice for those men primarily who wish to avoid shaving their head and thus can return to work and be in public a day or two after the procedure. The no-shave fue technique does take more time to perform, and thus the limit of the number of grafts that can be obtained in a one-day procedure is around 1400 grafts, and does have a higher fee because of the additional meticulous work required. To find out if you are best treated with no-shave fue, please contact our office. One day after 1400 grafts obtained by the no-shave fue technique. Options in fue,. Epstein and the foundation offer three options how the fue procedure is performed, each differing in the degree of shaving of the donor area.

follicular extraction

This technique of bht is one that. Epstein regularly performs, and is capable of providing thousands of additional hairs for transplanting. See here to learn more about bht. Fue is also a great technique for obtaining grafts that are to be placed into a donor site scar from a prior procedure to help reduce its visibility. In addition to their application in the scalp, fue grafts can be used in beard and eyebrow restoration.

The key aesthetic step in fue is the making of the recipient sites. It requires the aesthetic judgment and skills of an experienced surgeon who knows how to create a natural appearing hairline. If there is one area in which Dr. Epstein is known for, it is here in this key aesthetic step of recipient site creation. Day of the procedure, two days after, seven days after.

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There are a variety of techniques for harvesting the fue grafts. Epstein, working with. Gorana kuka, one of Europes most experienced fue surgeons, who like. Epstein is a plastic surgeon, developed the e-fue system that roter combines the best in accuracy, hair regrowth, efficiency and ease for the patient, assuring the highest india quality results. Also used is the waw system, that has the lowest possible rate of graft transection (less than 4) and utilizes punches.8.9mm in size. Click here to view an actual fue result. Fue can also be used to harvest grafts from body areas such as the chest, back, and beard. .

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Epstein then makes the recipient sites into which the grafts are then transplanted. Before and after one fue procedure of 2,250 grafts. Before and after one fue procedure of 1,400 grafts. Before and after 2,200 fue grafts, illustration of the follicular unit extraction technique. A relatively newer technique-. Epstein was one of the earlier embracers of fue in 2007 fue is in some ways more technically challenging than fug, and there are few surgeons like. Epstein who perform both techniques with such regularity. Over 90 of the hair transplant procedures done at the foundation for hair Restoration are done by the fue technique.

One day after 1900 fue grafts, showing the donor area nearly fully healed. One day after no-shave fue technique. With our outstanding track record in fue procedures ( click here to view our fue results over 75 of our patients are able to shave their heads without any visible scars, the rest able to cut their quite short where there are tiny dots visible. In order to obtain these grafts, usually the back and sides of the head are first shaved, then with the patient typically lying face down for the first two hours, we are able to harvest 1000 to as many as 1600 grafts from the back. Later on in the procedure, additional grafts can then be obtained from the sides of the scalp, allowing us to extract as many as 2200 or more fue grafts in a single-day procedure. Each graft contains one to three, sometimes four hairs, for the most natural appearing results. Also offered is a no-shave fue technique, which allows the patient to be presentable the very next day as there is no cutting at all of the back and sides of the head. Because of the longer time required to perform a no-shave procedure, for more than 1500 or so grafts a second half day of surgery is sometimes required. Once the grafts are harvested, with the patient comfortably seated in a recliner-type surgical chair,.

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See more fue photos, the follicular unit extraction technique (fue unlike follicular unit grafting (fug avoids altogether a linear donor site incision. Instead, each graft is harvested one at a time with tiny.8 and.9 mm punches which then usually heal as essentially undetectable dots in the scalp. We at the foundation primarily utilize our custom-designed e-fue system, as well as the recently developed waw system, designed by a european colleague. Epstein, which utilizes a hybrid punch that further reduces graft transection to below. Epstein has extensive experience with fue, performing six to eight procedures weekly, assuring patients of the maximal outcomes. Result of 1600 fue grafts to hairline. Two weeks after 1500 grafts, the donor area has completely healed with the hairs growing out.

Follicular extraction
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